As with all of our previous MUN centric endeavors, DAVMUN has always been led by a resolute set of values and goals that we have imbibed firmly as our vision in an effort to bolster our progressive journey towards holistic development of the individual and the society.

We place our faith in the latent worth of bringing together diverse groups of scholars, across varied cultures, principles and vast geographical boundaries, to provide an all-encompassing platform to facilitate meaningful dialogue on wide ranging concerns that affect every group equally severely but in different manifestations.

We are guided by our aspiration to democratize pragmatically the notion of a Model UN Conference, not only to ensure that the concept benefits an increasing number of stakeholders across the country, but to engage the youngest group of stakeholders in the collective process of strategic policy and consensus building, with the aim of galvanizing the process of conflict resolution and policy making through novel ideas and suggestions.

We strive to foster the virtues of leadership, tolerance, team work, negotiation and diplomatic competence in all witnesses to our herculean enterprise with our incessant and enthusiastic dedication to the said cause, which we believe, shall ultimately bear fruit not only as a vehicle of personal development but as an epiphany to the future generation of international leaders and harbingers of change in a world plagued by the misgivings of our ancestors.

We seek to positively engage and redefine all colloquially accepted biases and notions in an MUN conference, and provide an experience that is conducive to all the participants, including the Delegates, the Executive Board, the Conference Staff and the Secretariat, to usher into practice an era of absolute and irrevocably supreme transparency in operation.

We find inspiration in contemplation of the possibility of global citizenship, and we move ahead with affirmative anticipation that participation in genuine geo political scenarios and real time negotiation by students who today, represent tomorrow will aid the understanding and progress towards the process of integrating citizenship as a part of globalization.