In an effort to achieve higher level of thinking and good quality of debate at DAVMUN 2012, delegates of General Assembly, Human Rights Council, Economic and Social Council, United Nations Development Programme, Committee on Narcotic Drugs, United Nations Peace Building Commission and Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries are required to submit position papers prior to the conference.

Writing a position paper helps delegates organize their ideas so that they can share their country’s stand on a particular agenda with the rest of the committee. It also provides a basic draft to the delegates with regard to formulation of speeches.

A position paper should not exceed A4 size page for each agenda topic within the committee. The citations should be given on the Back side of the Position Paper. It should be typed in font Arial and size 12, with default margins. It should include a brief introduction followed by a comprehensive analysis of delegate’s country's position on the topics that are being discussed by the committee. A good position paper will not only provide facts but also make proposals for resolutions. Hence each position paper should not only focus on the agenda topic but also provide solutions/measures to the given problem.

Samples of well written position papers have been included in the website to guide the delegates in this regard.      

 Structure and weightage of the Position Paper: 

  1. Back Ground of the Problem- 1 mark
  2. Policy statement of Country-1 mark
  3. Treaties/Resolutions signed by Country-1 mark
  4. Action undertaken by Government- 1 mark
  5. Statement of leaders-1 mark
  6. Answers to questions to Consider-1 mark
  7. Possible solutions-2 marks
  8. Format and citation-2 marks

Important Note: Delegates are requested to follow the exact format as given in the Sample Position Papers. Please make sure that everything you pick up from any source (website/ books/ magazine) is referenced. If you restructure something you have picked up then add the source in the ‘Bibliography’ section. We have to uphold intellectual integrity and accredit the intellectual work of another person.

Delegates of Security Council are not required to write a position paper.
A Memorial is to be written by delegates of ICJ instead of position paper. For more information about memorial, contact the Secretariat.

**Kindly mail the position papers to the following email-ids latest by 20th September 2012

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                                                                Click to See Sample Position Paper I