D.A.V Gurgaon organized DAV Model United Nations Conference 2011 on 9th and 10th November. Held at an intra-school level, it was aimed to provide a belvedere for the budding ambassadors of the school to demonstrate their understanding of international affairs and diplomatic prowess. DAVMUN 2011 was an endeavor to prepare the students for various Inter School MUN’s, along with providing them with a platform for connecting with tomorrow’s leaders and making an attempt to change the world today.

The conference which lasted for a span of two days comprised of four committees, namely the Security Council, General Assembly, Human Rights Council and the Economic and Social Council. Delegates from classes VIII to XII successfully and enthusiastically participated in making this conference fruitful. Numerous rounds of auditions as well as interviews were organized to select the student delegates who had adequate general knowledge combined with positive and open mind set as well as industrious approach to represent the country assigned in best of sincerity and potential. The training sessions, organized for the teachers as well as the students, began as early as August end and continued till the first week of October. The sessions comprised of training regarding Rules of Procedure, internet research, writing position papers and resolutions, handling crisis situations and caucusing. Simulating technical as well as intense committees and seeing a participation of around 500 hundred student and teacher delegates, it was as good as, its previous sister conferences which were organized at the Inter school level.

The conference saw representation of all 193 member countries of the United Nations and started directly with the committee simulations on the inaugural day, moving quickly through the short span of seven hours. The delegates debated upon these issues keeping in mind their country’s foreign policy and national interests besides sincere concern for the welfare of entire mankind. The delegates showcased their vast and in-depth knowledge of the agendas, their leadership, diplomatic as well as negotiating skills through the various moderated and unmoderated caucuses.

Day two witnessed nail biting sessions in different committees before the formal conference ended at 2.00 pm. This was followed by the closing ceremony which commenced with an orchestral persformance by the school choir. The Chief Guest, Ms. Rachna Pant, Principal of Ramjas School, New Delhi, gave an enlightening address to all the participants, sharing her memorable past experiences, and important virtues which one must embody.

Bidding Farewell to DAVMUN 2011, was probably one of the most difficult tasks that the delegates had to do after the exhilarating experience of the two day conference. Coming out of the committees as the sessions ended, the delegates had expressions ranging from drained to elated.

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