Just an year after our maiden foray into organizing MUNs, we held DAVMUN 2010, the successor to our previous Model United Nations Conference on the 13th, 14th and 15th of November. DAVMUN 2010 was bigger and better than its predecessor as it came with new committees, new delegates and higher expectations.

The number of committees also increased from five to seven, namely: The General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, Human Rights Council, United Nations Committee on Peaceful Use of Outer Space and International Atomic energy Agency.

The three day conference saw more than 700 student delegates and teacher advisors from 90 schools across the nation. A total of 115 countries were represented by delegates in their respective committees as they stepped into the shoes of today’s emissaries and discussed issues of global concern.

The Opening Ceremony began with an eloquent introductory speech, followed by a scintillating Odissi dance performance- The Invocation, and a dance routine, titled Mother Earth Needs Us, by the tiny tots of DAV Kindergarten wing. Both the performances were eulogized and left the ‘gung ho’ audience wanting for more.

The Guest of Honor was Mr. R.K. Khullar IAS, the Municipal Commissioner of Gurgaon. The function was presided over by the Chairman of the school and Secretary DAV College Managing Committee, Shri Prabodh Mahajan. Mrs. Sheetal Sharma, the Secretary DAV College Managing Committee and Mr. R.R. Bhalla, the Vice Chairman of the school, graced the occasion with their presence.

Mrs. Anita Makkar, the Principal of the school, ‘showed the lay of the land’ to the delegates, highlighting upon the infectious enthusiasm and enriching experiences that they were likely to encounter during the course of the conference.

Mr. Siddarth Mahajan, the Secretary General of the Conference welcomed all the guests and participant and expressed his desire to see the fruition of new ideas. He also reiterated the importance of ‘’zest for change’’ and implored all the participants to ‘’make the most of the opportunity.’’

Over the span of three days, each of the committee rooms witnessed buoyant debates as the agendas were, deliberated and discussed upon. The pressurizing and complex crisis situations and grilling by the Executive Board kept the delegates on their toes throughout the conference.

After three days of clandestine chit passing, zealous press reports, course engaging debates and freedom from school uniforms, followed the closing ceremony of DAVMUN 2010.The audience were treated with a phenomenal performance titled ‘Mil KeChalo’ by the special wing of the school and a stunning ballet titled “TaruMitra’’.

The various resolutions that had been successfully drafted over the course of the conference were swiftly presented to UNIC representative Ms. Rineeta Naik, followed by the much anticipated Award Ceremony. The awards for the Best Delegate, Best Position Paper, Best Country Profile, and the Best Delegation were announced. The delegations of the, Russian federation, India, Peoples Republic of China, Ukraine, Kazakhastan and Portugal won the Best Delegation Award.

The culmination of the ceremony saw tearful hugs and formal handshakes, yet that was not all that DAVMUN’10 had in store. The evening had something exciting and groovy to offer! With the offset of twilight, the party light brightened and the music grew louder and there started the DJ night.

After the gala night, everyone departed, with one final glance at the towering buildings and an unsaid promise to return next year!