With immense pride and pleasure, I welcome you to the fourth edition of DAVMUN 2012. Over the years, DAVMUN has crossed many milestones on its intellectual sojourn.
With the ongoing support of all the participating schools, it has emerged as a much appreciated endeavor at the national level.

As 21st century moves forward, our lives continue to be enhanced by new technological advancements and innovations on one hand and degraded by a variety of challenges like Global Warming, Terrorism, Genocide, Human rights violations etc. on the other. Knowledge of these issues along with an understanding of contemporary geo politics and international relations is an important tool for our students, the leaders of tomorrow, to be a step ahead than the rest of the people.

DAVMUN provides a platform to discuss issues of serious concern and plays an important role in arousing sensitivity enabling sensitivity among our young minds and showing them the right direction.

The world is challenged by an array of developments which are threatening to human survival. Hence, it is imperative to sensitize our students regarding these advancements and grant them an opportunity to come up with ideas to create a world which is favorable for all. DAVMUN conference is an attempt is to broaden students’ mindset, enhance their knowledge of global issues and create understanding about the comprehensive process of economic and social development.
Students as young delegates and global citizens have to perform great responsibilities and DAVMUN provides a forum for the same. It is with this conviction, that I invite your esteemed organization to participate and associate with DAVMUN2012.

Looking forward for a spirited participation.

Anita Makkar