Criteria for Delegate Awards in a Council/Committee

Delegate awards in a particular council are at the discretion of the executive board, but there are a few general pointers that all the executive board members at DAVMUN 2012 will follow in awarding the delegate awards, which are as follows (in no particular order):

    §  Foreign Policy

    §  Research

    §  Diplomacy

    §  Direction to Debate

    §  Leadership

    §  Articulation

Different executive board members may have different criteria for deciding the awards, so the delegates must not consider these as the ONLY criteria for awards.

Determination of Best Delegation Award

            Best Delegation awards will be awarded to the best performing school during the conference, which will be determined as follows:

§  Each best delegate will earn 3, high commendation 2 and special mention 1 point for their respective country.

§  All the points will be added and the sum will be divided by the total number of delegates in the delegation represented at DAVMUN 2012.

(E.g. : If a 7 member delegation has 2 best delegates, 1 high commendation and 2 special mentions, then there total will be 10, which will then be divided by 7, giving that delegation a score of 1.4283 )

§  The delegations will be ranked in decreasing order based on above scores and best delegations will be determined

§  Best delegation is only applicable for countries having 5 or more delegates in the delegation.

§  Country Profile/Movie will also be taken into account for determining the best delegation award. It is mandatory to submit Country Profile/Movie for a country to be eligible for the Best Delegation Award.