DAV, or Dayanand Anglo Vedic – as the name suggests, is a novel attempt to coalesce the traditional and enriching Indian pedagogy with the best parts and practices of western education; a combination that is both daunting to accomplish yet just as much rewarding, as has been reflected in the school’s unprecedented rise since its humble inception in 1985. With Mrs. Anita Makkar as the femme d’affaires since the beginning, her vision and guidance has ensured that the school’s aspirations have been metamorphosised into a gratifying reality. DAVites have proved time and again that consistent striving blended with determination and time management can confront all hurdles and bring success.

Stemming from this quest to produce excellence in students, Ms. Jyoti Sharma and Ms. Sajal with the strong support of the principal Mrs. Anita Makkar put in strong hours of hard work to create DAVMUN 2009, which within days of its inception set new standards in organization and quality of debate in an inter-high school platform. In the following years, DAVMUN’10 and Intra DAVMUN’11 continued to set new standards aptly aided by arguably the best debaters and MUNers in India coming together to form an equally efficient and excellent Executive Board. Recognizing the towering potential of such a gigantic endeavor, the teacher coordinators as well as the students have worked and continue working tirelessly in an attempt to take each new edition of our conference to sacred heights.