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      1.      General Assembly

2.      Security Council

3.      Economic and Social Council

4.      Human Rights Council

6.      Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

7.      United Nations Peace Building Commission

8.      International Court of Justice

9.      United Nations Development Programme


            Identity cards

                     All participants and teacher advisors will be provided with Identity cards. It is mandatory to wear these ID Cards during the            

               conference. The following information would be mentioned on the I-Card:

            a)       Name of the delegate/ teacher advisor

            b)       Name of the school

            c)       Committee of the delegate

         Dress Code

                 The delegates are required to wear formal business attire. They can also opt for the national costume of the   
                 country assigned. Dress
code is mandatory and casual wear is strictly not allowed.


         Awards and Certificates

                 Judgement of awards will be based on the following criteria:

                    i.  In-depth Knowledge and thorough understanding of country's policy.

                   ii.  Exhibition of excellent diplomatic and negotiating skills.   

                  iii.  Willingness to work for the benefit of the committee.

                 iv.  Appropriate use of the rules of procedure.

                  v.  Genuine and authentic presentation of facts and information.

                 vi.  Presentation of country profile in a creative and innovative manner.

         The following awards will be given:

        1.Best Country Profile (awarded to the delegation which presents the best compiled country profile. Research work, presentation of information and aesthetic quality of profile will be assessed )

        2.Best Position Paper / Memorial for each committee except Security Council.

        3.Best Delegate Awards for each committee in various categories.

        4.Best Leader Award for each committee.

        5.Secretary General's Award for the best delegation (This award will be given to a delegation at the discretion of the Secretary General)

        6.Best Cartoonist

        7.Best Reporter

        8.Best Photographer

        9.Best Speaker Award in Security Council

      10.Best Movie

      11.ICJ - Best Advocating Team, Best Memorial, Best Judge

      12.Participation Certificate will be given to all delegates and teacher advisors.   



Last date for submission of training registration form:  

10th August 2012  

Last date for receiving requests for accommodation (Training):  

31st July 2012  

Last date for submission of conference registration form:  

15th September 2012

Last date for receiving requests for accommodation for conference:  

20th September 2012

Last date for submission of position papers:                                       

8th October 2012

Submission of country profile:  

1st day of conference

Dates of the training program:                                                            

17th, 18th August 2012

Dates of the conference:  

12th, 13th &14th October 2012

Last date for movie submission:  

7th October 2012



        Sites for Reference

             United  Nations


               UN Bibliographic Information System


               Cyber School Bus


                UN Security Council


                UN Documents


                Britannica Online Encyclopedia                      


                UNA -USA