Ever since its inception in the year 2000, DAVMUN Club has grown by leaps and bounds and come a long way in terms of both experience and achievement, with its members constantly bringing home laurels in various eminent MUNs across the country. The Club’s enviable track record is the result of an amalgam of the effort of the student delegates, for whom the club is their favourite place in the school; and the effort of the teacher advisors associated with the Club, whose unwavering guidance is the guiding light behind the exterior.The cerebral force that keeps the cog wheels of DAVMUN Club in perpetual motion is located just as one enters the 1st floor, near the senior library. The MUN room, as unassuming as it may sound, is the centre stage for all things MUN in the school- be it organizing the MUN Club activity at the classroom level with 80 delegates, or veering the club through 2 full scale highly revered inter and one Intra school MUN conference. A reckoning of the club’s history and one would harbour the illusion that the room is furnished with state of the art technology and definitive equipment, yet remarkably enough, our humble abode is stacked with the bare essential logistical paraphernalia consisting of computers and printers and scanners and a gigantic almirah with its contents overflowing with records and resources of 3 successful endeavours. Almost 10 generations of MUN associated students have passed out of the school, and yet such is the bond that they share with the room that even after they’ve ended their journey with the school, they are drawn back to the club, either to train fresh delegates and lead them, or to simply reminisce of MUN memories gone by. Regardless of the momentousness of the work at hand, the room is one place which is traced in constant joviality and sincere bonhomie. The truly awe inspiring and professional work ethic, coupled with the occasional mischief by the younger members of the club blend into an ethos that is rather difficult to emulate and this perpetual work and play approach is the pivotal reason for the fact that every student, who spends a part of his school life in the MUN room, either hard at work or lazing around after rigorous mock sessions, evolves into a better MUNer and competitor, but most importantly, a better person.

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