Country Profile is a document/model which gives a complete picture of the country being represented by a delegation during the conference. It provides information on the country’s historical background, freedom struggle (if any) and constitutional growth, its emergence as a nation, nature of polity, system of governance, features of economy, the military set up, the cultural heritage, its geographical features and the foreign policy with specific reference to the United Nations. The profile should reflect excellent research work, systematic compilation of information and artistic presentation. It should not be a mere listing of facts, representation of data from various sources. The delegation should strike a harmonious balance between written text matter, pictures and art work. The aim of doing this project should be to gain knowledge of the country being represented rather than just mere submission of the profile


Size of file – A4 or A3

Size of model – 1x1 ft. (length by breadth) [Max]

No elaborate woodwork or carpentry work is desired.

The model should not bear the name of participating Institution, only registration number should be mentioned

The Country Profile should include information on the following aspects:

• Historical background

• Constitutional growth

• Geographical features

• Resources – Natural and Human

• Cultural and Religious Background

• Government - Form and Structure

• Political System – Nature and Functions

• Economy – Features, Current State and Exports

• Military – Setup, strategies, strengths and weaknesses

• Foreign Policy – Features and Guiding Principles

• Foreign relations – with neighboring and other countries of the world

• Role in United Nations – Overall strategy, Level of participation, voting bloc

 *The country profile must reach the conference venue on the opening day of the conference and to be displayed by the respective schools in the assigned areas.

 * Only registration number is to be mentioned on the country profile which would be provided to the respective schools at the time of country allotment. Mentioning school’s name and address would lead to the disqualification of the country profile and the model.


Note: It is mandatory to submit Country Profile/Movie for a country to be eligible for the Best Delegation Award. The schools can chose to either make the country profile or make the movie. Whatever the schools decide to make, will be evaluated for the best delegation award.

The schools opting for two or more countries have a choice of making Country Profile/Movie on any one of them.